What We Fund

Armenian Grants

What We Fund

Armenian General Grants

The Foundation funds proposals that benefit Armenians and the Republic of Armenia, in an effort to increase the level of engagement between the Diaspora and Armenia and that provide value and impact. We recommend reading both the Eligibility Criteria and General Information sections below to better understand whether your organization is eligible for a Hovnanian Foundation grant and some of our non-required preferences.

For all IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States, dedicated to Armenian or Armenia-focused missions, please use this Armenian Grants section to submit your proposals.

The first step of the application process requires you to take the Eligibility Quiz. This will ensure you are 100% eligible and further provide the next step in the process.

If you have any questions, we provide an FAQ section below with further clarifications.

Eligibility Quiz for Armenian Grants Application


Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

H. Hovnanian Family Foundation makes grants ONLY to:

  • Registered organizations that are charitable in nature, i.e. either designated IRS 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. or state-registered organization including non-profit organizations and foundations, and other charities in Armenia.

  • Organizations that have established at least one year of program outcomes.

  • Project activities that fall under one of Hovnanian Foundation’s primary areas of focus.

  • Calendar year, as well as multi-year grant requests, are eligible for consideration.

  • Prior grant recipients of Foundation funding are eligible to reapply only after adhering to a 12-month waiting period following grant closure prior to submission of any new request.

  • If all of the above criteria are met, grant budgets with no more than 20% of project costs are allocated for indirect costs such as travel.

H. Hovnanian Family Foundation does not make grants to/for:

  • Operational overhead expenses

  • Non-registered entities/organizations

  • Political action groups

  • Proposals submitted without a sustainability plan

  • Grant requests used to produce something for commercial sale

General Information

In addition to the outlined eligibility criteria, grant proposals that include these preferred elements will be reviewed more favorably, thereby increasing the chances of receiving positive interest from us. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Inclusion of a plan that outlines project continuity beyond completion of grant funding;  

  • Partnerships with other organizations that have similar missions to share responsibilities and resources which may in turn help fill gaps and eliminate duplication of effort;   

  • Leveraged funds already secured and/or committed to the grant activity from other (multiple) sources and/or matched funds from the organization itself; 

  • While not meant to totally limit the interest of the Foundation from funding consideration of other worthwhile projects and programs, grant requests that fit in one of our primary areas of focus would be considered preferable during our review process. 

Application Process

To apply for an H. Hovnanian Family Foundation Grant, start by completing the eligibility quiz on the website.

Once the quiz is successfully completed, Foundation staff will contact you with the full application form and a list of required documents. Submit the complete application to [email protected] by the deadline specified within the email.

Grant applications are typically due by the last 25th of each quarter; however the final deadline will be mentioned in the email you receive from the Foundation staff. Organizations will receive notification verifying receipt of their application and if found necessary, Foundation staff will contact applicants for clarifications prior to submitting the application to the Board’s review and decision. Each application will be given careful and equal consideration.

The review and decision process generally lasts between 2-3 weeks from the mentioned deadline. Proposals will be reviewed at the end of each calendar quarter, after which all applicants will receive written notification of the decision made regarding their proposal. 

Reporting Requirements:

  • All grant recipients will be required to  submit interim and final narrative and financial reports in a timely manner and as agreed upon in the grant agreement letter.
  • All Financial reports must include documentation of financial expenditure made during the reporting period.
  • All Narrative reports should include pictures and videos as well as an explanation of what has been accomplished during the reporting period as well as what is to be accomplished during the next reporting period, with a frank assessment of challenges, successes and impact.


Armenian General Grants Areas of Focus

  • Our funding supports performing artists, cultural heritage scholars, and arts organizations to ensure success to high-quality arts and cultural experiences in Armenia. The foundation supports programs that advance public knowledge of the visual and performing arts, brings the arts into underserved regions, and strengthen community participation in the arts and arts organizations. Equally important is our support of projects that elevate and showcase Armenia's rich and vibrant culture and arts in the international sphere to represent Armenians vibrant culture across the globe.
  • To expand the Tech-employment scene in Armenia and to encourage more young people to get educated in tech as more industry job opportunities are grown through investments in local land foreign startups with bases in Armenia
  • To mentor and further encourage the energy and initiative of young adults, our future leaders, especially those innovating local solutions to local challenges their communities face. Now more than ever, this generation has the optimism and drive to create a more equitable and just world. Our support is to engage this generation in discussion of and crafting solutions to current issues, offering an opportunity to young adults to have a front seat to our democracy in order to help foster a lifetime commitment to civic engagement and public service.
  • To support public health initiatives that educate, help raise awareness and ultimately change mindsets to counter the increasing wave of preventable premature deaths (i.e. poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and tobacco/smoking)
  • To develop and broaden the infrastructure of Armenia's trails, accommodations, and services to showcase Armenia as a premiere hiking destination of world-class standards which further supports the local rural economy.

Armenian General Grants FAQ

  • Our priorities for funding are where our charitable mission and Armenian current imperatives intersect to ensure our investments are making the most impact possible in the country, for its people, progress, and prosperity. Arts and cultural preservation, entrepreneurship/innovation, education, public health and emergency response, leadership, youth and community development are our areas of focus in Armenia.
  • Eligible are those registered organizations that are charitable in nature in the United States i.e., designated Armenian organizations, schools and churches that are designated IRS 501(c)(3) status organizations, as well as state-registered entities in the Republic of Armenia such as nonprofit organizations, foundations, government agencies and other charities.
  • The Foundation will not fund operational overhead such as salaries, whereas it will fund up to a maximum of 20% indirect project costs such as meals, hotels, and travel.
  • The first step is to take the eligibility quiz above. If successfully passed, you will be given instructions on the next steps of the application process.
  • There are no grant deadlines per se, as grant proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis at the end of each quarter (end of March, end of June, end of September, end of December). These dates should be heeded if submitting a time sensitive proposal.
  • Yes, the Foundation does consider multi-year funding requests.
  • Yes, we allow the flexibility of emergency grant submissions only if the proposal is addressing a priority, time-sensitive need that requires a quick decision rather than having to wait for quarterly submission.
  • Application forms are accepted via email and hardcopy but this step only becomes available once you have successfully passed the eligibility quiz.
  • Yes, you may, but we provide feedback on rejections which we hope will be heavily considered prior to future application submission (unless the feedback was that you did not meet critical criteria).
  • The Board makes funding decisions within two weeks of each quarter’s closing.
  • Yes, a registered entity may submit more than one grant proposal per quarterly cycle. But only one of the proposals may be approved upon meeting grant conditions.